ADAPT offers a variety of services and programs.  There is generally no fee for services but eligibility and referrals usually must come from Community Mental Health. 

Branch County Community Mental Health

St. Joseph County Community Mental Health

CLS: Day Services means services that make use of the community for experiences and skill building. CLS offer consumers in both Branch and St. Joseph Counties, a chance to make friends, develop skills, and increase their integration into the community.  This includes participation in community activities and events, skill building tasks, recreation, socialization, and work opportunities.  

Residential: ADAPT operates 14 Specialized Homes, 5 CLS Homes, and 1 AFC Home for persons with developmental disabilities and mental illnesses.  In addition, ADAPT operates an 18 unit apartment complex, a four unit apartment building, and two single family homes that are all used for independent living.  Our specialized homes are staffed 24 hours per day and provide a high level of care and supervision.  Anyone seeking information about residential services are urged to contact ADAPT or your community mental health agency.

In-Home Supports: ADAPT provides staffing service to families and individuals who require support to remain independent.  Support staff can assist with personal care needs, shopping, money management, and appointments.

Employment Resources: Our program offers work opportunities through individual placements and enclaves.  Job development, job coaching, and follow-along supports are provided.  Consumers are placed in various employment sites and provided with the necessary supports and supervision to achieve success. 

Sheltered Workshop:Provides jobs to over 40 individuals in a factory type setting.  Regulated by the Department of Labor, the workshop provided almost $400,000 in wages in 2016.  Work ranges from inspection to assembly to sorting jobs.  Applications for the Sheltered Workshop are taken at the ADAPT building in Coldwater.
Clubhouse:Outlook is a psychosocial Clubhouse program that serves individuals with mental illness.  The program offers a work ordered day with emphasis placed on members participating in various units such as clerical, outreach, janitorial, and food services.

Powerpoint Presentation 

Click on Link above to view a Powerpoint that details ADAPT's array of services. 

ADAPT conducts an extensive annual assessment/evaluation of the programs and services we provide.  A report detailing that survey can be seen under ther forms section of this website.